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Best practies in funds control since 1936

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Restore Simplicity

Humans were born to build. We have an innate desire to create. It brings us joy and a feeling of contentment. However, the building and construction industry has become complex and expensive. For most, the process is inaccessible. At BuildZig, we believe things can be done simply and elegantly. We make the process transparent, simple, and enjoyable for our clients.


At BuildZig, we’re innovating ways to allow you, the client, to access the information you want when we manage your project. Through our online client portal, you’ll have access to updated information such as: schedules, budgets, and change orders. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your project is being managed well.


The building process requires a high level of creativity so our staff is trained to work closely with clients to find creative solutions to their problems. We understand the planning and building codes; we know how to get you what you want.

To ensure we offer you the best prices, highest value, and best chance for success, we:


  • Vet and select the most competitive and professional craftsmen in the industry
  • ‍Leverage new technology and building methods
  • ‍Closely manage funds and on-site construction risks
  • ‍Drive new innovation, procedures and protocols

Best Practices in Funds Control Since 1936


Step 1

Feasibility Report and Cost Review 

  • Ensure your project is feasible and the budget is reasonable by ordering a Cost Review, Feasibility Report, or PALM Report


Step 2

Draw Process 

  • Set up your account and submit your first draw, provide needed lien releases and invoices, and click “submit”


Step 3


  • We will coordinate the inspection based on your draw


Step 4


  • Once the paperwork and inspection is complete, the draw will be sent to the lender for funding.


We are a fully bonded and audited Joint Control Escrow company (96DBO-50315) regulated by the California Department of Business Oversight.


Independent Third Party acting as a Liaison between the General Contractor, Lender, Insurance Company and the Owner.

Fraud Protection

We help prevent potential fraud or financial abuse by General Contractors by budget tracking, job site inspections, lien release monitoring & invoice collection.

Job Site Inspection

We provide a status report of the construction budget every time funds are released. This status report tracks the cost by individual line items, indicating the original budget amount, changes to the budget amount, the amount of funds released to date by dollar amount and percentage and compares it to the total percent completed on the job site by line item.

Lien Release Monitoring & Invoice Collection

Mechanics Liens can be filed by vendors or subcontractors and can cause financial difficulty for the property owners. We help prevent the filing of mechanic’s liens by collecting Invoices and Lien Release and making sure everyone who works on the property gets paid.

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