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Preparation & Execution

Obtaining permits quickly is the result of smart, meticulous preparation and execution, ensure that fees, plans, other details are in order, and meet the necessary requirements. BuildZig can help you manage and coordinate consultants and facilitate the development of a comprehensive set of plans so that you can get to your building quickly. BuildZig has extensive experience helping clients obtain permits and approvals from federal, state and local authorities for all types of real estate developments.

Our Services Permit Expediting Includes:

  • Research Building, MEP, Fire, Public Works, Utility Requirements
  • Coordinate with consultants to prepare building permit documents
  • Review finalized building permit submittal package with client
  • Develop Construction Management Plan
  • Assist with Condition of Approval Matrix
  • Coordinate with consultants and client re building permit package/application
  • Prepare building permit application package
  • Get wet signed forms and plans assembled from client, architect and engineers.
  • Submit building permit application package to the City
  • Facilitate review and coordinate by City Plan-Check Staff and other agencies
  • Distribute comments to vendors for review
  • Submit revised plans and/or response to comments

A Comprehensive Real Estate Development Services Company

Buildzig is the only full-service real estate development company that offers every service a lender/investor needs to mitigate uncertainty in construction lending. From entitlements, planning and design, to receivership, funds control and property management, our highly skilled experts have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this complex process.

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1 800 380 0180

Dream it. Build it. Zig it.

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