We are a full-service builder. We can help you design, permit and build your in-law unit. From garage conversions to separate units, we can help you.


Which ADU is right for you?


Garage Conversion

A garage that has been converted
from main house.

Over The Garage

A unit that exist as an extension on top of the
of the garage.

Stand Alone Unit

A stand alone unit that exist on a lot 
with the main house.

Basement / Attic Conversion

A garage and basement that have been converted 
from main house.

Build Without Compromise

Whether you want to build a detached or attached unit or convert your garage or basement, we can help you assess your site, select a design and engineering team, obtain permits and build your ADU.

We can help you select a design from dozens of options that fits your needs and tastes. Don’t settle on only one manufacturer with limited options.


Why build an ADU?

Rental Income

Rental Income

Can provide an easy source of rental income for homeowners
Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental

Can be used as short-term rental unit in some popular areas
Renting out  Main Home

Renting out Main Home

Downsize while staying in your community by moving into your new ADU and renting out your main home, creating addtional income
Property Value

Property Value

Adding ad ADU generally contribute to your property apreciation
Aging Parents

Aging Parents

As our parents grow older, moving them to live in a ADU connected to your home
Housing for Adult Children

Housing for Adult Children

Recent graduates who want to save money may want to consider living in a separate unit attached to their parents’ homes


Match the aesthetics of your existing home!

Straight forward and transparent process

Our aim is to be transparent about pricing and our services so you can plan and know what to expect.

The most common question we get asked is "Can I build an ADU on my property?".

Site Assessment

This due diligence report ensures that all parameters can be met before moving into the permitting and construction phases.


We can help you select the right ADU for your preferences and location.

Design Coordination and Permitting

We can coordinate with architects, and engineers to develop the perfect project at the most competitive budget.


BZ ADU can help you build any type of ADU in the East Bay, from a basement or garage conversion or a separate unit in the back yard.”

Are you ready to build your ADU?

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Dream it. Build it. Zig it.

1 800 380 0180

Dream it. Build it. Zig it.

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