Sustainability at 598 63rd

Green living in the East Вay

598 63rd St, which was originally built in 1908, has been completely renovated to the high standards of California’s Green Building Code, otherwise known as Title 24. The building has received new higher grade insulation, new windows, LED lighting, new HVAC, and all new plumbing and wiring. The solar panels, bike parking, EV Chargers, and water conservation measures make this a unique  historic building with modern sustainability features. Constructing buildings to the 2013 Title 24 building code standards has been shown to save thousands of dollars in energy loss. 



Every parking space at 598 63rd St has been pre-wired for Type II electric vehicle charging stations, allowing each unit to cost effectively install the charger required for their electric vehicle of choice. Type II chargers are those used by the current generation of electric vehicles including Tesla, Toyota, and Chevrolet. Full electric vehicles produce less than half of the greenhouse gas emissions over their lifetime compared to a traditional combustion vehicle. Breakdowns of purchasing and operating electric vehicles versus conventional vehicles show a cost savings of 36% or $10,538 over five years.



In response to the continuing drought conditions found in California, 598 63rd St has been designed to reduce unnecessary water consumption throughout the building. Instead of traditional landscaping and irrigation practices, 598 63rd St employs the principles of Xeriscaping. Through the use of native species and other drought tolerant plants, we have reduced our irrigation needs to only that which can be provided through our rainwater harvesting and storage system. 



Solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays produce clean and renewable energy that is generally lower cost than what is available from the utility company. However, due to the shared roof space of many condos, the benefits of solar are not often available to condo owners. However, through a unique design with a co-owned 14.4 kW solar photovoltaic system, 598 63rd St will produce 17,536 kWh of renewable electricity per year. Purchasing a unit at 598 63rd St entitles you to a share of this electricity which could completely eliminate your monthly energy bills depending on your energy consumption habits. Over the first 10 years, each unit can expect to save up to $7,890 through decreased electricity bills. Additionally, the system is projected to reduce emissions by over 12 metric tons of CO2 per year. That’s equivalent to taking 2.6 cars off the road or planting 300 new trees every year.



Light emitting diodes (LED) lighting has been used exclusively to provide lighting throughout the building in both the indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. LED’s offer the same lighting values of a 60 watt incandescent at only 6-8 watts offering huge energy savings and extended life times. On average, every LED bulb will save 1,530 kWh and $151 dollars in electricity and replacement costs over its lifetime (50,000 hours).



598 63rd St is located in a prime location for cycle commuting with BART, Parks, Berkeley Bowl, bars and restaurants all within a few minutes ride. In order to help residents embrace the bicycle culture of the East Bay, 598 63rd St includes bike racks for each unit in the protected garage for safe storage of your prized two wheeled machine.



All of the water fixtures at 598 63rd St exceed the current building code. These fixtures have been selected not only for their conservation attributes, but for their overall performance as well.



598 63rd St, built for the United Methodist Church, was originally constructed in 1907 by Minnie M. Jackson, a 24 year old member of the church congregation, who was at the time the first and only woman to graduate from the Wilmerding School of Industrial Arts in San Francisco. The gym, which now houses units 5 and 6, was once the training space of legendary Shaolin-style Kung Fu martial artist Wong Jack Man, famous for the infamous fight against Bruce Lee in 1964. Brent Hamby, a local resident, was a student of Wong Jack Man’s and until the renovation, still taught martial arts in the gym building.

 “The floor cleared, the two men bowed, and Wong Jack Man moved forward and extended his hand for the pre-fight handshake. Bruce leaped forward with a quick spear hand to the eyes.”


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