About Us

We empower those who can dream it, to build it.

At BuildZig, we challenge sacred cows in the industry and we take on those who benefit from using these outdated methods. 

Builders Control created in response to the Great Depression, to bring confidence back into construction lending.
Builders Control grows to become one of the largest funds control companies in the US, with over 70 employees. Expands services to hundreds of small & large lenders & developers in the Western US.
Responding to the Great Recession,
Builders Control Real Estate Services (BCRES) is formed out of the ashes of crisis, diversifying its services to provide lenders, investors & developers with comprehensive development services.
BuildZig is born with a mission:
to simplify the building process.

Why BuildZig?

Since 1936, we have seen the building industry get needlessly complex and overpriced. This creates excessive risk for those who want to lend, invest, or participate in the business of building.

At BuildZig, we challenge sacred cows in the industry and we take on those who benefit from using these outdated methods.  

  • Our leadership team brings years of experience in the areas of government, land-use regulation, and construction. We don’t like to take “no” for an answer and we do our best to find a creative solution.
  • By using technology and newer construction methods, we find better and more innovative ways to build. In doing so, we also reduce cost, delays, and project risk for our clients.
  • At BuildZig, it is our passion to lead the way for sustainable development. This includes innovating approaches to reduce our carbon footprint, preserving existing historic structures, finding alternatives to vehicle use, and creating a sense of place for people.  

Building is the ultimate expression of creativity. And, we seek to make building fun. 

Dream it. Build it. Zig it.

Our Story

Our company was established in 1936 after the Great Depression to restore confidence in construction lending. The founding partners helped in the economic recovery by providing clear process for lenders and builders in the construction industry. 

When building gets too complex – when building codes, lending practices, and land-use regulation become tough to understand – it benefits those with the knowledge to navigate the industry. They profit from this increased complexity and charge higher fees. 

At BuildZig, our goal is to make the process simple and easy to understand. We find the most simple and efficient solution to achieve your goals. We understand the building process and we know how things can be done differently, in ways that are both less complex and less expensive.

Our Approach

Restore Simplicity

Humans were born to build. We have an innate desire to create. It brings us joy and a feeling of contentment. However, the building and construction industry has become complex and expensive. For most, the process is inaccessible.

At BuildZig, we believe things can be done simply and elegantly. We make the process transparent, simple, and enjoyable for our clients.


At BuildZig, we’re innovating ways to allow you, the client, to access the information you want when we manage your project. Through our online client portal (currently in development), you’ll have access to updated information such as: schedules, budgets, and change orders. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your project is being managed well. 


The building process requires a high level of creativity so our staff is trained to work closely with clients to find creative solutions to their problems. We understand the planning and building codes; we know how to get you what you want. 

To ensure we offer you the best prices, highest value, and best chance for success, we: 

  • Vet and select the most competitive and professional craftsmen in the industry
  • ‍Leverage new technology and building methods
  • ‍Closely manage funds and on-site construction risks
  • ‍Drive new innovation, procedures and protocols